Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Whale Watching

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DAY 01


The seas around Sri Lanka offer the chance to see Blue Whales in concentrations not seen elsewhere in the world. Blue Whales do not move in groups like Sperm Whales for example. However, off the south coast they gather for feeding, with mothers often seen with calves. On our trips recently we had at least six, possibly ten individuals, within a quadrat of half a kilometer square. A concentration of blue whales of this nature is something which whale watchers can only dream about.

We can arrange a professionally designed Whale watching tour or can also offer Whale watching extensions to your general naturalist holiday inSri Lanka.

We also work closely with Dr.Charles Anderson, a professional marine biologist who runs a Whale and Dolphin watching company in Maldives. He has been living in the Maldives from 1983, and has a wealth of experience on marine life. Dr. Charles also offers and leads Whale watching tours in Sri Lanka.


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